Welcome to Aswaldi Archives Wiki

Welcome to my first Wiki website. Hello, I am Aswaldi. This site was originally supposed to serve as a personal archive for my characters and ideas along with other things that I'm interested in but it can be edited by anyone. Remember that a lot of the pages are very outdated. I'm planning to do a cleanup of the wiki by deleting most of the pages, such as ones for cancelled projects.

Main Wiki Rules

Please read and take note of them. If you don’t follow them then there may be consequences.

  1. DO NOT edit the original pages created by the original author to a great extent if the content is unnecessary or messy, especially without the original author’s permission. There will be big consequences and the user doing this might be blocked, reported or given one to multiple warnings.
  2. Be sensitive of other users.
  3. Please try and be as accurate as you can with your spelling on each page. Remember to be as formal as you can. It's recommended that quotes which include swearing to be censored.
  4. DO NOT create pointless pages or a page with only one sentence.
  5. Get permission from the Founder or one of the Administrators before creating a new page (if you can).
  6. No bullying, swearing, spam or vandalism.
  7. Removing information or messing with the articles without giving a good reason is considered vandalism and can result in a permanent ban.
  8. Plagiarism (Claiming other work as your own) is NOT allowed. Please do not make any page exactly the same as one from another Wikimedia project and try to include some originality.

Latest activity

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